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Belt Code Info

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Posted 09 March 2011 - 07:00 PM

Hey bros' and sis'...

For all you wondering about those funky belt size prefixes like: SCQ 5.3 and SQY 4.4 (which are btw, the exact belt sizes for the Sanyo M-GT7 "Dust & Splash-Proof" mini) here is a very simple explanation PM'd to me by the Fatdog himself. I had to share this with you guys so asked him if I could make a thread with the info. Here's the info:

"When talking belts, it's usually broken down like this:

SC - designates a square belt
FR - designates a flat belt
O - designates a round belt

The extra letters are used to refer to the cross section (i.e. - thickness) in inches:

Y = .035-.039
X = .040-.049
Q = .050-.064
A = .065-.079
B = .080-.094
C = .095+

Some belt companies make it easier by just going with something like "SBM" (Square Belt Medium) or "FBX" (Flat Belt Extra Large) and then having all the dimensions listed."

So there you have it folks! Now, before you go...

You cannot forget to take a peek and download (I did) the famous link that our member docs posted in JT's awesome thread "Belt Sizes - Post known belt sizes for your boxes here!" docs called his link: "Yikes!!!!! Did someone say belts?" Simply an outstanding find and you outta download it before they take it off the web!!!

Thanks again docs and Jaetee! :smooch: