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Does Anyone Here Have A Toshiba RT-8578?

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Posted 21 July 2010 - 10:05 PM

Hi everyone-I bought a RT-8578 about a year ago and is in practically mint condition.
But tape 1 didn't work-that was all that was bad.
Now I just got another real nice one for 12.00!!
Works 100%!
So-I took the belt off of the one I just got and put in in tape 1 and the spring and plastic clip that holds down one of the gears so it will engage FF & Rew & Play.
So after 3 hours tonight the better one works-tape 1 and tape 2 all work-EXCEPT my nice one doesn't record,the one I just bought does so after a day or 2 I will transfer the tape 2 assembly into my better one for 100% functionablity!!
Last thing though-I need photos of the cassette section,there are 4 little springs the go down near the bottom of the cassette assembly.
Wierd thing is though-both decks work perfect and auto stop to! :hmmm:
I would really like to get those back in there-I think they came out of both while I working on them.
These are sweet boomers-Looking forward to switching tape 2 assembly into the better one so it will record.
I got lucky to-my old one that I bought a year ago was missing the pinch roller but after a good disassembly the pinch roller was inside the psarcoughofgous!!

Now if I get a good belt and somehow get the spring clip to stay on the gear thing-my 2nd one will be 100% except it won't record-no biggie.
Getting my old one at 100% is my goal and I will achieve it with a tape 2 transplant!!
So if anyone had one of these please let me see the insides so i can see where these 2 little springs go.
Thank much-Jeff. :-) :yes: :-O :surf: :thumbsup: :breakdance: :choco: