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Pioneer CK-R5 Deck Problems!

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#1 Ghettoboom767

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Posted 03 June 2010 - 10:29 PM

Hi everyone-I just got my 100th. box today!! It's a Pioneer CK-R5!!!
I just love this thing-It's a 1 owner who paid 830.00 for it new!
The only issue is that the speakers aren't original & the cassette deck is funny.

It's so clean it's crazy!!
The only thing is that the cassette deck was working in reverse mode & it sounded great when it was working.
I had to wiggle the ribbon wire going,It's the ribbon wire to the deck from the amp(only 1).
It was FF & rew for a little bit to!
I had the deck apart and checked the connections and all seemed ok but again I knew this had some issues.
Everthing else works perfect!
Now no play light-damn! :huh: :annoyed: :hmmm: HELP!!!! :-O
The power light lights up on the deck but it's like it's in timer mode or something! :hmmm:

I think the deck needs to be taken apart and spin the flywheels and get it to reset or something! :hmmm:

Ira-It has a special dial light that can be turned on or off-even with batteries!!! Yes!! :drool: :-O :surf: :thumbsup: :breakdance: :choco:

Photos tomorrow!

Need to get this deck fixed-I'll look into it 1 more time but this is such a nice deck I don;t want to wreck it!
It's so frustrating-It was just working & now no go!

Isn't this somewhat normal?! BUT it will get fixed if I can't do it!

The sound??? Incredible-so clear and powerful-If I can just get those Flat Diapram Woofers I'd be set!! :surf: :thumbsup: :choco: :breakdance: :cool: :yes: :-P

Any suggestions on this-let me know!
Have a super weekend-GB. :-) :yes: :-P :surf: :thumbsup: :breakdance: :choco: :surf: :thumbsup: :cool: :-O :-P :yes:

#2 Rimmer36

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Posted 08 June 2010 - 10:45 PM

GB it's probbly a capstan spin you need as you sugested or the belt has snapped or fallen off :sad: I had my jvc dc7 all working for about 30 mins and the same happened to me I took it in for repair and the guy couldnt do it so i gave the box away

anyway good luck bro btw i would love to see a list of your boomboxes 100 man thats incredible....