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Original Ceramic Twееters VS Regular Dome, Piezo or Cone Tweeters - Do I need to Replace Them ?

Customization Panasonic Tweeters original replacement Matsushita improvement Piezo RX-CT900

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#1 Reelcassette

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Posted 14 December 2019 - 07:12 AM

Attached File  CIMG2613.JPG   30.05K   5 downloads

Original wires and Ceramic Tweeters of my RX-CT 900

Attached File  CIMG2294.JPG   45.14K   5 downloads

New stylized tweeters installed into original tweeters nests


Many boomboxes of 80's have a Ceramic Twееters.

High impedance , narrow frequency range and very low output
make them useless if we're talking about HQ sound.
Try to disconnect those original ceramic tweeters and you'll find
absolutely no difference in sound quality of your machine.
So why manufacturers installed them in 80's?
It  was just a marketing trick. 
Manufacturers could legally claim it as a Two-Way Speakers System ,
but all those models had very sensitive low impedance 
wide range drivers, and those were good enough to match 
promised specs values (up to ~ 14 - 16 kHz)

without any tweeters.

In fact , all those ceramic tweeters were decorative.
I have replaced my original ceramic  tweeters with
high output piezo tweeters on my RX-CT900 
and after the replacement 
it's about 19 kHz /measured/ and it makes cents!
So if you want to discover what your boombox amp
can do for real  -  i recommend that to you.
Any suitable car tweeters are good as well.
And don't forget about capacitors!
Happy Listening !
And  check those
Nice looking Reel Cassette Tapes from $12

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#2 Reelcassette

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Posted 16 February 2020 - 11:54 AM

#3 DPaignall

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Posted 16 February 2020 - 01:34 PM

Thanks for the info Reelcassette, I picked up a RX-CT900 recently and am willing to give it a go. Could you explain how (and where) to include the capacitors and which rating is best please?

#4 Reelcassette

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Posted 17 February 2020 - 11:53 AM

You need  Electrolytic Non-Polarized Crossover Capacitors Attached File  PE_BP_12MFD_100V-228x228.jpg   7.99K   0 downloads

Here's the diagram

Attached File  8DpuD.png   16.21K   0 downloads


The values of  capacitors may vary /depends of impedance of your tweeters/

4,7 uf  100V would be fine in your case. 


Tips are :


 - Make sure you check&listen your tweeters

with capacitors before a final assembling of your speaker units. 

In case  they sound "too low" -  try a higher value capacitors.


- Make sure you seal your new tweeters with 

some sealant to prevent any air leaks outside of speakers

cabinets and to isolate tweeters inside the cabinets 

from woofers sound waves..

Please, check this post as well to see how to install the capacitors

/check the pics/



 - Pay attention to your original woofers' suspensions
 and see if they have any cracks on that thin foam...
That's a very common problem with RX-900..



If you have any other questions , please let me know.

I'll be happy to help you!

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