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SHARP VZ 3000 restauration, need some light :)

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#1 Drou

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Posted 28 November 2019 - 11:32 AM

Hello guys ! 

Hope the Boomboxery community is doing fine :) 

It's been a while i didn't came here because of many reason, but i'm really happy to log in again !

I request your help today, i scored a VZ 3000 for 25 euros /30 dollars today but ir needs some repair i guess.

The previous owner did some modifications that i don't understand, it's located on the vinyl block.
He tooks two wire to solder them on a little button switch. The switch was taped out of the boombox and all i can say is that it's seems to launch the vinyl player, and with a long pression on the switch, open the door.

The regular control panel for the vinyl part does nothing, unless i press this switch first. 

The two wires are grey and white.


Attached File  IMG_20191128_164301.jpg   128.87K   2 downloads


They came  from that part of the boombox 


Attached File  InkedIMG_20191128_164409_LI.jpg   128.89K   1 downloads

Attached File  IMG_20191128_164401.jpg   79.57K   1 downloads


And the other wire from this plug , goes there :

Attached File  IMG_20191128_165014.jpg   93.09K   1 downloads


So, obviously that's not a normal situation i guess, so i would like to know where these two wires, the white and the grey are supposed to go ? thanks :) 






#2 caution

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Posted 28 November 2019 - 03:23 PM

You can find the service manual in the Sharp section of the Boomboxery libray, download "Sharp VZ-3000 H E Service Manual.pdf"


If you look at the right side of page 40 you can see those wires are at CNP513: pin 2 is white, 3 is gray. It's a bottom-side view, so it's reversed from your photos. Now look at the right side of page 32. I think the button that was used to function as the tonearm position sensor. I don't know what happens when this fails, do you have to press the button every time you start a record? Do you have to hold it down for some time?

#3 Drou

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Posted 28 November 2019 - 03:59 PM

Thanks a lot for your reply ! :) 

Yes, i can't play any records if i don't press this button before.

if hold it for a while eventualy it will activate the door.