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My wish list.....

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#1 trippy1313

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Posted 03 November 2019 - 06:17 PM

Thought I'd finally kinda throw out there some of the radios I'd still like to own some day. I really haven't been hunting since we had our second child, and we're on our third now, which has even cut back my activity here and with restoring my current radios.

But I do still have a dream/wish list... mostly those rare grails everyone else wants. But who knows, if not the money, maybe I could consider trading some of my extra radios...

So here some I'd love. Not a particular order, but the National/Panasonic's got to be my #1 for sure.

☆National or Panasonic RX-5350☆
Helix Wheely (or Aka)
Sharp Vz-2000 or 2500
Helix Hx-4700 (or Aka)
Jvc Rc-550
Maybe a Conion C100 (or Aka)

I'm sure there's others but those are probably the main ones I can think of right now. There's plenty I'd love to have. But as far as dream or grail boxes, those are probably the big ones. Suggestions are welcome.

I may need to sell some of my multiples if I end up having to buy from eBay, but I thought I'd at least just get my list out there in case anybody comes across something reasonably priced or local to me (seattle-tacoma area).

Thanks everyone.

#2 Stuzy

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Posted 17 November 2019 - 02:33 PM



Like your list  :-)  


I luckily have a VZ2000  -  2500, the 2500 is a much refined box compared to the 2000


I also am after some holy grail boxes:


Lasonic 920  -  975

Conion 100

Sharp Gf 999  --1000


Good luck with your search  - if i get offered any of what you are looking for ill give you a shout  :clap:


Enjoy your weekend my friend