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Sharp GF-777Z Humming and no sound at all, Power Switch Broken

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#1 Hairston50

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Posted 21 July 2019 - 05:58 AM

We’re can I get a spare power micro switch? I broke the brass piece that attaches to the switch.It worked fine and I was messing with the Echo features and it stopped playing.When I Power it up it Hums and I have no sound, I can see the tuner working and the meters are moving like its playing but no sound. It seems like when I move the station switch I get nothing. The speakers are buzzing and protruding out like I have a short.

Please help

#2 Fatdog

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Posted 22 July 2019 - 12:46 PM

If you broke the power switch, how is it powering up?  :huh:


Aside from that, I'll give you two areas that come to me first...


1)  Clean the internal record bar with proper contact cleaner.  Here is a topic regarding the record bar if you don't know what it looks like:  http://boomboxery.co...ch-bar-example/


2)  If the power switch is not totally broken, the fault could be there is not enough contact in the leaf switch.  I had a similar issue with my GF-777, and when engaging the power switch, there was enough contact to power on the LEDs and such, but no sound.  You can increase the area of contact by lightly buffing the two areas and maybe even bending one arm of the leaf switch so that it applies more force on contact with the other arm.

#3 Hairston50

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Posted 23 July 2019 - 07:31 AM

It is the power switch, I broke the stem going to the contacts. I took a small screwdriver and pushed the contact and heard static then the hum, Back and forth. It seems like the contacts are closed and the little piece to open the contact it hums. I researched the numbers on the switch and come up with nothing, Do anyone have a schematic / Diagram of the switch, I rather fix the switch instead of De-Soldering and Soldering.


Thanks Again for the info FatDog