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BIG BASS from a compact speaker. Down to 18hz.

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#31 Reli

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Posted 17 January 2019 - 12:25 PM

The Wave Radio was a smaller version....The Acoustic Wave was the original, taller and bigger unit.  Regardless, they were all marketed towards affluent people who were either:


1) Clueless about audio (nothing wrong with that, nobody has the time to become knowledgeable about everything)

2) Wanted a clock radio that could double as a bedroom sound system

3) Or just didn't want to bother selecting and installing individual components.


If it worked for them, great......but let's not kid ourselves that Bose was actually interested in advancing the field of sound.  They went their own way, ignoring what other companies had done, not because that was the best way, but because it resulted in something they could patent and brand as "unique" and "intelligent", so that people would think they were experts, justifying high prices and profit margins.  Reminds me of Apple in a way......A company that exudes an elite, ivory tower like image, yet fails to provide features other companies introduced years ago, claiming that consumers don't care about those features, when it's really because they wanted to keep production costs low.


$2499?  Never heard that price, that's insane.  I remember the Acoustic Wave being about $1,200 ten years ago, but it depends on accessories like the power pack, the multi-CD changer, etc.  Regardless, that's a huge profit margin, and $1200 could buy lots of things much better than that.

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Posted 17 January 2019 - 01:01 PM

I stand corrected.  After a little more research, looks like the msrp back in the day for the AWMS was around $1k or so.  The $2499 was a listing I found for a single new unit, I guess they are selling them like NOS boomboxes with prices to match.  But as you say, they were marketed to "affluent" folks which wasn't me, so I wouldn't/didn't purchase any of those things.  Still, the folks that own them like them, but then again, they aren't the boombox crowd either and probably listen to classical more than ear busting bass stuff.  For what they listen to, I'm sure it's great for them.


I would never call anyone "clueless" about audio though.  People like what they like.  I often see folks shaking their heads at the car next to them, the one with the vibrating trunk lid from compartment filled with battery depleting subs.  And I concur.  But hey, if they wanna burst their eardrums with systems and music like that, I'm ok with it, doesn't bother me a bit, but that music doesn't do it for ME personally though, I like and listen to other stuff.  I'm sure each individual will think they know what's best for them.  Who am I to tell them that what they listen to and what they perceive is good audio is not?  After all, what IS good audio?  Something that is capable to play at 10hz?  Because when I said I don't care, I really meant it.  The only time I wanna hear (or feel actually) 10hz is when I'm watching a movie to improve the experience, not that I think it sounds at all like music,  which to me is something altogether entirely different.  My brother in law plays for the Symphony and he only listens to classical stuff.  I've never seen him listen to anything else which I find fascinating.  But like I said, people like what they like and I'm sure for him, "good" audio system is one that is capable of reproducing all of the little detail and nuances in the music and instruments he listens to and is interested in, which doesn't include buzzing noises, so for him, booming bass is meaningless, since none of his music has it.

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Posted 17 January 2019 - 07:07 PM

I have heard the Bose 901 V-Series soeakers connected to a Nakamichi Professional rack system with all individual componants and i’m very happy to say the sound was very very nice! Very accurate and these speakers are individually positioned for maximum acoustics from these enclosures. I remember there being stands for these speakers that they sat on.
Yes i’ve heard some very nice systems and i really enjoyed the 901’s super nice mids and extremely nice highs and if i remember and decent tight good sounding bass. Very good quality speakers that like Norm said i believe went for about $1,200 in 82’. Hooe this helps.πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŽπŸŽΆπŸŽΌπŸ“»