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Sanyo M9994 Tweeter Size? Other Measurements Too Maybe?

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Posted 22 November 2017 - 12:08 AM

Hi guys, I decided to 3D model a Sanyo M9994 to print so I could have a boombox ornament for the tree, and also to hang from the mirror in my car (the Sanyo converts to mm measurements and scales by four perfectly  :angelic: ). I was wondering if anyone knew what diameter tweeters (more so need the diameter of the trim rings around them) it has? Here are the additional measurements I need, like to be precise(ish)....  Thank you in advance  :-D  :-P




Attached File  M9994Side.jpg   98.1K   0 downloads

Dark blue- height of silver trim at front

Red- height of silver trim at rear

Green- depth of silver trim, front to rear

Purple- height of that accent thing at front

Light blue- width of that accent thing

Yellow- diameter of tuner dial

Pink- height of power inlet thing

White- depth of rear box

Brown- height of handle from top of box at front




Attached File  M9994Side2.jpg   109.29K   0 downloads

Red- height of input box hole

Yellow- width of input box hole

Green- Height of space from bottom of input box to bottom of the unit

Purple- height of indent in rear case




Also, could anyone provide the height and width of the radio dial window (clear plastic)?

Height and width of the cassette door?

Height and width of the VU meter windo (clear plastic)?

Width, height and depth of one of the cassette buttons? (play, stop, etc.)

Diameter of volume knob? 

Width of handle (outside faces of the chrome bars)?

Height and depth of plastic part of the handle?

Width and depth of the silver trim face where the switches are on top? 


Any measurements would greatly help, I know it's a lot but I'd love to make a scale model of these old boomboxes  :afro:


And again, a big thank you in advance!



oops, forgot a couple...



Attached File  M9994Side2edit.jpg   110.13K   0 downloads

Green- overall height of box at front

Yellow- overall height of box at rear


oops  :angelic: