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Sharp VZ-2000 Restoration, tuning knob sourcing?

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#1 GreasyT

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Posted 08 September 2017 - 10:41 AM

First post! So I don't recall when I decided I needed a VZ, likely some youtube video, but I was dead set on it. Found my first one a couple years ago, a broken VZ-3500 and had a friend drive it 1300km to me on their way across Canada. I knew in my heart it wasn't exactly what I wanted as the silly and impractical nature of the 2000 or 2500 was what stood out to me. But it was $40 and I got it working without many problems. The left channel is going on it now and will merit some exploratory surgery. That, however is not what I am here for.


I continued my search, looking for a 2000 or 2500 to fix up and I was willing to drive likely anything under 10 hours to get it. I don't mind a road trip. After keeping an ear to the ground consistently, one shows up a 10 minute drive from my house. It wasn't in great shape but the guy knew what he had. I talked the guy down to $60(?!?) for it. Which I am sure anyone here would call a steal. It has every bit of the normal surprises and a few head scratchers.


Normal Expected Problems

-Record player is NFG, haven't investigated too far but I suspect it's the usual stuff.
-Missing 5 sliders, debating my options. I think I've got access to a local 3d printer and have ordered a test print of all of the thingaverse models. I know there's a user that sells them. Is that a price that's any more reasonable than the $70 from Russia on Ebay?

-Arial is broken off, I figure it shouldn't be too, too hard to rip one off of something else that will look right

-Tuning knob is missing the black inlay, I have no idea how that could have got separated. Debating my options. I think the way to do this might be removing the volume one and fabricating two matching new ones from plexi. I'd do them both new simply because matching them would be far easier than matching to an existing one. A new knob would be nice but I suspect finding that would be a pain.

-Aesthetic damage, dings and paint defects here and there. I've cleaned it up and it is looking much better. I figure it should be fine. 

-Tape player lid missing a thumb screw, again, I am not sure where I'd source that. It seems pretty specific. I think I've got some computer thumb screws around that will work but not look right. Good chance I find something close that I can buy and just replace them both. Oddly enough, the tape player works.


The "Big One"

The thing that was my main ammunition for talking the guy down to $60 from $120 was that the left channel was non responsive. I've got an electrical background with a base understanding of electronics. Before this I've worked on pinball machines so I figure that's a good background as they're also old bits of tech that want nothing more than to no longer function. That being said, I've got a 4 week old baby at home and I know I am not going to have time to carefully go over boards looking for problem components or broken traces for some time. The signal is there but faint. I've tested it with external speakers and the problem persists. Going to have it open on the weekend and see if I can find some easy solution. Disassemble, clean everything I can and try all the easy potential problems. Those being the headphone jack and that int/ext switch.


Let the adventure begin. Hopefully this ends up with my holy grail in functional condition. I've got some ideas about elective procedures once it's working, but it starts with this.


Let me know of any thoughts on my problems or methodology! I've already scoured the forum for most of the normal fixes so no need to tread old ground. Also got the teardown guide. Attempted to remove the turntable the other day before seeing the guide and promptly felt like a caveman confronted with a cell phone. Put it back on and closed her up. 

#2 stevenrob

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Posted 08 September 2017 - 11:07 AM


hello, I also have problems with a VZ2000. The balance potentiometer was faulty, it must be de-soldered to repair it. I think it's a recurring problem on this model. On this forum, there is an article that explains how to repair a potentiometer.

#3 GreasyT

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Posted 09 September 2017 - 03:44 PM

Had it apart. Did a bunch of cleaning and running through the usual suspects. Same problem still persists. Additionally found out that the turntable was turning immediately on powering the unit up. There's a crack in the turntable PCB which could easily explain the turning. Fixing the left channel will likely take some tricky hunting... Ah well. Will update on further progress.

#4 Northerner

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Posted 10 September 2017 - 12:48 AM

Good luck! Have you found the pictorial disassembly guide on here?

#5 GreasyT

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Posted 10 September 2017 - 09:15 AM

Sure have. Before looking at the guide I had the turntable off of the unit but realized that it was far more tricky to take apart than the 3500 I had worked on previously. Did a full teardown with the help of the guide. Simply having it disassembled and reassembled without introducing new problems feels like an accomplishment.