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FAQ - Registration Math Equations

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Posted 12 September 2016 - 10:15 AM


You will experience problems when registering with an iPhone or some other mobile devices.  For some reason, all correct answers will be deemed incorrect.



If you are having difficulty with some of the math questions on the registration page, do not worry.  I promise it is not very difficult at all; it is simply basic math that we all learned before high school, even though some of us might have forgotten a bit.  It is not geometry, physics, or calculus as some have stated.

Every now and then, each of us needs a refresher for something.  Here are some great resource to conquer the math:





Keep in mind, also, that the math challenge changes each time the page is refreshed, so you can possibly find an easier one by doing so.

Some folks wonder why there is even a math challenge at all.  It was instituted years ago to serve three purposes:

  1. The new member has to put forth some kind of mental effort to show he really wants to be a member; and
  2. some of the “help” and “restoration” threads can get technical at times, when electronics is involved, and the new member needs to be able to understand at least some of it; and
  3. it is used to decrease spam bot registrations.

If you contact the admin for help, you will be directed to this post.


Do well and we will see you posting soon!  :yes:


PS - There are a couple of non-math related questions; one is related to a classic 1980's movie