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Panasonic XBS vs S-XBS and RX-DS45 differences between markets

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#1 JbOx

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Posted 14 March 2016 - 06:23 PM

Hi there, new guy here, I've had a Panasonic RX-DS45 for a long time since I was a teenager and I find it very practical besides having some nostalgia factor.

Anyways, as you, I sometimes wonder around checking some older models and stuff and noticed that the European version of the RX-DS45 has a few differences. First off it doesn't seem to have metal/CrO2 capability. Second it doesn't have dolby nr. Third it has XBR instead of the S-XBS present in the Japanese and American versions. There are some minor differences in the display too. Checking around some older models and catalogs it seems that XBS system later evolved into S-XBS. Was this just a marketing gimmick or is there any effective difference between both, like the frequencies involved ?


Another interesting fact I've noticed is that the service manual for the European version of the RX-DS45 mentions SXBS in a certain part of the circuit. Maybe this manual used the Japanese/American ones as templates and there are some left overs but it begs the question, is it just the name ?


Cheers to all and great site :)

#2 JbOx

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Posted 14 March 2016 - 06:28 PM

Another obvious difference BTW, the speakers are different. Japanese/American ones seem to have 10cm woofer and 8cm mid/tweeter. European version has 10cm woofer and 2cm tweeter. I think this probable renders the first ones as having more bass before distorting but less defined sound.

#3 ralrein1

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Posted 25 March 2016 - 05:01 PM

Hi JBOx,ya know the guys around here aren't really that into eggs.Even though the rx-ds45 is a very sweet sounding feature laden boombox.When I was still in my twenties my younger sister bought one at the Macy's in San Francisco.It was killer,had a remote and the full logic cassette deck plus line in feature.Plus the sound quality,think Bose.It was outta this world.I tried for years to get her to sell it to me.Finally after about 10 years or so the day came when she was hurtin for cash.My lucky day,I thought until I saw the poor thing.It was pretty thrashed cosmetically and the sound was no where near as sweet as it used to be.So I had to pass it up.However to this day I see them every now and then on eBay and I think about getting one.In fact I'd like to get the ds-20,30,40,45 and 55.Set them up in cool shelf display depicting high quality eggs.Its gonna take some time.You know,so many cool boomboxes so little money.Oh and if you can post some pics of you b.box,we love boombox pr0n around here.

#4 JbOx

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Posted 18 April 2016 - 11:39 AM

Hi, thanks for your response. I'm not where the radio is right now, will post pictures later.

I actually bought one on eBay, supposedly in good condition. When I get it I will have the European and US versions side by side to compare, if there is interest I might update this thread, so far there doesn't seem to to be any.