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Strange Occurrences M90 Deck

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Posted 08 February 2016 - 09:52 PM

I have posted before thread "M90 deck need help ASAP" Thank you for the help. But I am trying to narrow down the problem. Trying to figure out if it is mechanical (worn cog on the flywheel) or electronic to do with the auto logic not resetting correctly deck getting stuck in a cycle.



whatever you do ,do not cut the power off while the tape deck is running it causes all kinds of problems with the tape mech ,you must press stop on the deck before turning off the power i learned the hard way on my very first m90 ,the pc 55 is the same way these full logic decks must be fully stopped before you turn off the power. 
Unfortunately My Deck has a problem where you have to pull out the power plug  to get the deck to stop running, When I press stop or pause when a tape is playing. One hears a chattering sound. The deck still plays  but the sound goes off(You can still hear sound if you turn it up to 7)  needles still kick,Deck will Not respond to stop or even POWER OFF button when this happens. I have to pull out the power plug and plug it back in for the heads to drop on power up. It does NOt do this all the time. It is intermittent.  
I think it is slipping cog as my friend who spend 12 hours working on the M90 says he says a worn Cog attached to the flywheel ,looks worn in the teeth. No way to replace it. But I wonder if they problem is related to the auto logic electronic system, not processing  messages from the keypad, Or getting stuck in a cycle. When I power on the box WO a tape in I get clacking that does not stop unless you power on and off the box a few times. When A tape is in the box it clicks when powering off but not ON  I believe 
What do you think? Have you seen this problem on a M90?