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Boombox Manufacturers and Models

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#31 devol-toni

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Posted 13 March 2015 - 03:07 PM

Marantz CRS-3.8
Marantz CRS-6820
Marantz PH-32
Marantz PH-52
Marantz PM-326
Marantz PMD-222
Marantz PMS-3020
Marantz PMS-3500
Marantz PMS-5
Marantz PMS-6000
Marantz PMS-7000
Marantz Superscope CR-1053L
Marantz Superscope CR-2480
Marantz Superscope CR-4500
Marantz Superscope CRS-3504
Marantz Superscope CRS-3604
Marantz Superscope CRS-7000
Marantz Superscope CRS-152
Marantz Superscope CRS-155
Marantz Superscope CRS-2000
Marantz Superscope CRS-2024
Marantz Superscope CRS-2034K
Marantz Superscope CRS-2100
Marantz Superscope CRS-2204
Marantz Superscope CRS-3504
Marantz Superscope CRS-3800
Marantz Superscope CRS-4000
Marantz Superscope CRS-4003S
Marantz Superscope CRS-4503
Marantz Superscope CRS-4800
Marantz Superscope CRS-4803S
Marantz Superscope CRS-5000
Marantz Unix CRS-5800

#32 devol-toni

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Posted 13 March 2015 - 03:23 PM


Pioneer CK-5F
Pioneer CT-C7
Pioneer CT-C9W
Pioneer RK-111
Pioneer RK-444
Pioneer RK-777
Pioneer RK-888
Pioneer SK-1
Pioneer SK-200
Pioneer SK-21F
Pioneer SK-303L
Pioneer SK-31
Pioneer SK-400
Pioneer SK-50
Pioneer SK-51
Pioneer SK-550
Pioneer SK-606L
Pioneer SK-61F
Pioneer SK-650
Pioneer SK-6II
Pioneer SK-700
Pioneer SK-750
Pioneer SK-800
Pioneer SK-808
Pioneer SK-900
Pioneer SK-95
Pioneer SK-Q10BK


Centrex RK-114
Centrex SK-1
Centrex SK-5

#33 Superduper

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Posted 13 March 2015 - 04:18 PM

As for Onkyo, there is one model I am aware of:



attachicon.gifONKYO ZAC 55.jpg


I wonder if that is a europe only model?  Never seem it before, looks nice though.  I can't use that photo though, it's even branded with another site, lol.








List updated, Thanks!

#34 restocat

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Posted 13 March 2015 - 10:13 PM

This looks like a fun project.

Will there be a website where Boomboxery members can upload their personally-taken pictures of their collection? If so, it would rival other sites in no time.

#35 Reli

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Posted 13 March 2015 - 10:37 PM

I think you should make a google excel file (each brand in a seperate sheet) so people can easily add new ones into the list. It'll save you a lot of time for sure. :yes:


Great idea, I just created the file.  Anyone can click this link and edit the sheet.  There's one brand per tab.  Took me 10 seconds to copy/paste each brand into its own sheet.



#36 Mystic Traveller

Mystic Traveller
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Posted 14 March 2015 - 04:12 AM

I wonder if that is a europe only model?  Never seem it before, looks nice though.  

To my knowledge, this Onkyo ZAC 55 is a domestic Japanese model, at least I am not aware of it having been sold anywere else in the world. A rare guest on Yahoo JP these days.

Yes, really great small machine.



More good pics:


Attached File  Onkyo ZAC 55.jpg   191.03K   19 downloads


Attached File  Onkyo ZAC 55_1.jpg   120.67K   18 downloads


Attached File  Onkyo ZAC 55_2.jpg   108.34K   16 downloads


Attached File  Onkyo ZAC 55_3.jpg   116.6K   27 downloads


Attached File  Onkyo ZAC 55_5.jpg   123.27K   14 downloads


Attached File  Onkyo ZAC 55_7.jpg   229.97K   22 downloads

#37 Cobz

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Posted 15 March 2015 - 12:12 AM

Sanyo M9935K

#38 redbenjoe


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Posted 15 March 2015 - 01:48 AM

lasonic trs -909



norm --i think // hope that most all cool members here will grant you full permission to use any of their photos posted

on the old s2g site and on this site -

i sure do 


over the years -and in these 2 sites i must have posted photos of 200 boxes --

and if you can still dig up old ebay listings - i must have 100 -- at least

#39 toshik

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Posted 23 March 2015 - 09:45 AM

Norm, I think you should have to list the Matsushiata like manufacturer of the five brands: National, Panasonic, Quasar ,National Panasonic and Technics, as there is some models by one of the brand which is not exist on the other brands of Matsushiata.

Here is the list of models by brand from my database of Matsushiata boomboxes.
For all these models I have downloaded pictures and some infos. If you need I can send it to you entire database Norm.
Also, I'm 100% sure this is not the final and complete list of all the produced models :-)

Panasonic RF-7270
Panasonic RF-7490 1
Panasonic RN-Z500
Panasonic RN-Z600
Panasonic RQ-92
Panasonic RQ-204S
Panasonic RQ-218S
Panasonic RQ-224AS
Panasonic RQ-236S
Panasonic RQ-310
Panasonic RQ-317S
Panasonic RQ-420S
Panasonic RQ-443
Panasonic RQ-516S
Panasonic RQ-517S
Panasonic RQ-518S
Panasonic RQ-2102 E8
Panasonic RQ-2104
Panasonic RQ-4040
Panasonic RQ-4350
Panasonic RQ-A220
Panasonic RS-252S
Panasonic RS-264S
Panasonic RS-451S
Panasonic RS-460
Panasonic RS-462S
Panasonic RS-466S,AS
Panasonic RS-4150LJ
Panasonic RS-4250
Panasonic RS-4250LJ
Panasonic RX-1210
Panasonic RX-1220
Panasonic RX-1230
Panasonic RX-1250
Panasonic RX-1280
Panasonic RX-1450LE
Panasonic RX-1450S
Panasonic RX-1460
Panasonic RX-1461
Panasonic RX-1480
Panasonic RX-1540
Panasonic RX-1650
Panasonic RX-1650LE
Panasonic RX-1660
Panasonic RX-1680
Panasonic RX-1740
Panasonic RX-1750LS LE
Panasonic RX-1761
Panasonic RX-1820
Panasonic RX-1822
Panasonic RX-2000
Panasonic RX-2700
Panasonic RX-3940
Panasonic RX-4830
Panasonic RX-4850
Panasonic RX-4910L
Panasonic RX-4917L
Panasonic RX-4920
Panasonic RX-4922L
Panasonic RX-4930
Panasonic RX-4933L
Panasonic RX-4936L
Panasonic RX-4940
Panasonic RX-4941
Panasonic RX-4950
Panasonic RX-4955
Panasonic RX-4975
Panasonic RX-5005
Panasonic RX-5005A
Panasonic RX-5010LS
Panasonic RX-5011SW
Panasonic RX-5012L
Panasonic RX-5012LS
Panasonic RX-5015DLS
Panasonic RX-5020L
Panasonic RX-5022S
Panasonic RX-5025LE
Panasonic RX-5030
Panasonic RX-5031
Panasonic RX-5040
Panasonic RX-5050
Panasonic RX-5080
Panasonic RX-5085
Panasonic RX-5090
Panasonic RX-5100
Panasonic RX-5110
Panasonic RX-5120LS
Panasonic RX-5130
Panasonic RX-5150
Panasonic RX-5180D
Panasonic RX-5200
Panasonic RX-5220LS
Panasonic RX-5235
Panasonic RX-5250
Panasonic RX-5280
Panasonic RX-5285
Panasonic RX-5300LS
Panasonic RX-5350
Panasonic RX-5500F
Panasonic RX-5550LE
Panasonic RX-5600LS
Panasonic RX-6400
Panasonic RX-7000
Panasonic RX-7700
Panasonic RX-A2S
Panasonic RX-C20
Panasonic RX-C31
Panasonic RX-C32L
Panasonic RX-C36F
Panasonic RX-C36L
Panasonic RX-C37
Panasonic RX-C38
Panasonic RX-C39DL
Panasonic RX-C41
Panasonic RX-C41L
Panasonic RX-C45L
Panasonic RX-C46
Panasonic RX-C50
Panasonic RX-C52L
Panasonic RX-C53L
Panasonic RX-C60L
Panasonic RX-C66
Panasonic RX-C100
Panasonic RX-C300
Panasonic RX-CD70
Panasonic RX-CS700
Panasonic RX-CS710
Panasonic RX-CS750
Panasonic RX-CS780
Panasonic RX-CT800
Panasonic RX-CT810
Panasonic RX-CT820
Panasonic RX-CT830
Panasonic RX-CT840
Panasonic RX-CT900
Panasonic RX-CT950
Panasonic RX-CT980
Panasonic RX-CT990
Panasonic RX-CW26
Panasonic RX-CW30L
Panasonic RX-CW31L
Panasonic RX-CW43
Panasonic RX-CW50
Panasonic RX-CW54F
Panasonic RX-CW55L
Panasonic RX-CW200L
Panasonic RX-D30
Panasonic RX-DT80
Panasonic RX-F2
Panasonic RX-F2L
Panasonic RX-F3
Panasonic RX-F4
Panasonic RX-F5
Panasonic RX-F6L
Panasonic RX-F9
Panasonic RX-F10
Panasonic RX-F11
Panasonic RX-F20
Panasonic RX-F20L
Panasonic RX-F22
Panasonic RX-F32L
Panasonic RX-F33
Panasonic RX-F35
Panasonic RX-F40
Panasonic RX-F80
Panasonic RX-FD56
Panasonic RX-FM14
Panasonic RX-FM15
Panasonic RX-FM16
Panasonic RX-FM23
Panasonic RX-FM25
Panasonic RX-FM25L
Panasonic RX-FM27
Panasonic RX-FM30
Panasonic RX-FM40
Panasonic RX-FM45
Panasonic RX-FM49
Panasonic RX-FS21
Panasonic RX-FS22K
Panasonic RX-FS25
Panasonic RX-FS400
Panasonic RX-FS410
Panasonic RX-FS420
Panasonic RX-FS430
Panasonic RX-FS470A
Panasonic RX-FT53
Panasonic RX-FT56
Panasonic RX-FT500
Panasonic RX-FT510
Panasonic RX-FT530
Panasonic RX-FT550
Panasonic RX-FT560
Panasonic RX-FW17
Panasonic RX-FW17L
Panasonic RX-FW18
Panasonic RX-FW20
Panasonic RX-FW29
Panasonic RX-FW39
Panasonic RX-FW50
Panasonic RX-M40
Panasonic RX-M50
Panasonic RX-M70
Panasonic RX-M300
Panasonic RX-TS10
Panasonic SG-J500L
Panasonic SG-J550L
Panasonic SG-J555L
Panasonic SG-J600L
Panasonic SG-J800
Panasonic T509
Panasonic TR-200X
Panasonic TR-1200G
Panasonic TR-1200S
Panasonic TR-1200X
Panasonic TR-1230X
Panasonic TR-4002S
Panasonic TR-5001X
Panasonic TR-5001S

The Japanese RQ-4050 is left behind (as well as the nicest RQ-4050FD and  plain European RQ-4050LJ)

#40 Ghettoboom767

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Posted 25 March 2015 - 02:28 PM

Sharp GF-9595H
Sharp GF-9500
Pioneer CK-11
Pioneer CK-12
Didn't see these listed.