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Digital input for JVC RV-B90

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Posted 25 June 2014 - 02:44 PM

Hi everybody, I have a RV-B90 which i connect to my laptop to use iTunes and connect using the analog aux in to the JVC which works fine. However my laptop also has digital optical out which would be nice to use and keep averything digital. Obviously there is no optical in on the JVC.

So what i want to do is, and i dont know how yet is to connect in digitally at an appropriate place in the system before the amp, maybe using a toslink/spdif to i2s converter or something similar. Like this: http://www.twistedpe...tal/wm8804.aspx


I have been through the forum, plenty of posts about creating a line in facility but all analog, nothing using a digital signal.


I'm not sure this would even work but any thoughts would be appreciated.


I have managed to get hold of a service manual for the JVC which i hope helps and i hope it helps others aswell Attached File  RVB90_SERV.pdf   10.45MB   22 downloads


Thanks guys, Wayne

#2 Superduper

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Posted 25 June 2014 - 05:24 PM

Actually, you would not be keeping everything digital no matter what you do since the final amp of the JVC is analog in nature, therefore somewhere along the way, the signal would need to be converted to analog anyhow in order to feed the amplifier for final sound amplification.  Unless you don't trust the DAC of the computer, and prefer the DAC built into the JVC, but everyone knows that the JVC has very poor complement of sound tailoring facilities anyhow (preamp controls).   Not sure what, if anything you will gain by injecting a digital signal over just injecting an analog signal.... you said yourself it works fine.  Also, it's not without cost since the board you suggested already costs $75.  Highly doubtful you would observe anything near $75+ sound improvement.  If you choose to do it, then you should know that the only signal that starts as digital is the CD player.  The rest (cassette, radio, line-in) all start as analog, which then gets sent through a ADC (analog to digital converter) to have the signal processed by the sound processor (beat, rock, clear, volume, super-bass, etc).  Finally, this digital signal is once again converted back to analog via (DAC) to be amplified by the power amplifier.  If you like hacking and doing something just because you can, or because hacking gives you joy, then give it a try.  But if audio quality is the purpose, my advice is to just leave it alone.

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Posted 25 June 2014 - 11:34 PM

Mmmmm interesting. Yes i do like hacking and playing, would just be nice to see if i can get it to work, and IF i get it to work yes i agree the cd circuit would be the place to inject somewhere.
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