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Refraining From Comments Regarding James (A.k.a. Dm4U)

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Posted 14 April 2013 - 09:26 PM

I am humbly asking that all members going forward refrain from posting comments related to Decentman4U, Boomboxery4U, James Pierce or any of his other aliases.

We (myself included) have commented enough about this individual and it is high time we leave it alone and move on. Along with that, we try to catch YouTube postings, ebay ID changes, etc. But this guys legend has taken a life of it's own and we are feeding it by constantly commenting on it.

Google being what it is will let him know if "someone" is speaking about him. He simply has to enter "Boomboxery" and any of his known aliases and Google will do the work for him. And as long as we speak about him...he knows we are thinking about him.

Should any member here notice his patterns or posts elsewhere in reference to this site, or has a concern about whom they may be dealing with on ebay if it appears to be James (DM4U), notify the mods via PM and we will assist you from there. Please refrain from commenting. We will put out the notice for all members from there.

Thanks for your cooperation on this matter. By doing this, we avoid the caustic comments and needless jokes regarding this guy. He has problems, we know it, and lets be the bigger group here hope he will snap out of whatever it is he deals with.

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