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Crown sz-5100 using mic in for a line source?

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Posted 20 May 2012 - 07:17 PM

Hey, i'm looking for a crown 5100, but i've heard conflicting reports on the success of using the mic in to connect an ipod.

I'm guessing the mic in is mono, I can handle that, but i've heard that it makes the sound, (especially the bass) sound really strange, which would be unacceptable

so would anyone out there with a crown 5100 like to test a few things out for the benefit of the forum?

1) does the mic input sound weird with a line source, even if the line source volume is turned all the way down
2) how loud can you go without getting distortion, if you set the source real quiet and turn the boombom volume max when do you start getting distortion
3) do the EQ's work with a mic input
4) is it stereo or mono
5) how does it compare to FM transmitters/cassette adaptors for using an ipod

If I get one i'm tempted to add a line in to the box, either by tapping the terminals on the volume knob (apparantly that will work?) or hijacking the radio inputs and adding some kind of switch, or if that doesn't work then just a cassette adaptor :)

if anyone can answer these questions it will be a massive help, thanks everyone